Wade grew up in Burlington N.C., just 21 miles east of Greensboro. The childhood of this young man can today bea symbol of hope and faith to all the youth of America.Sad to say Wade’s childhood was filled with much verbal,  physical, mental and sexual abuse. In 1977 only 2 months after his mother’s death.

Wade spent the next 4 years living in a mixture of fosterhomes as well as on the streets. In 1981 Wadefound a new home in Baton Rouge Louisiana, with the help of T.V. Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart.

For the next 2 ½ years Jimmy Swaggart Ministries became Wade’s new home. While there he learned music, song writing, T.V. editing as well as promoting. However the greatest thing that took place in his life was he became a born-again Christian.

In 1984 Wade was hired to sing baritone for a group known as The Singing American. Three weeks later Wade decided to leave the group based on the groups’ integrity. Just 2 months later he was presented with another offer. This offer was presented by two men – Jeff Gibson and Ken Ubanks , Wade accepted the offer to sing with Heaven Bound.   This put his name as a “mark of history” in Southern Gospel music. Heaven Bound Career was a 25 year legacy, 33 number one songs and 18 albums and 14 of these were live recorded albums. Wade is found on 9 of these albums. He is known most for 2 hits of the 33 hits this group had. His two song hits include  “When Jesus Pass By” and “I’ll Not Be Moved From Mt. Zion”.

In April 2005 Wade entered a tournament event at Horizon Casino in Vicksburg Mississippi; 394 people entered this tournament. Wade took last place, many of the poker players thought this young man had no business playing against such great skills. As Wade was leaving he told the security guard at the door “I’ll be back next year to win”. On January 19th 2006 once again Wade paid entry fee in the 4-8 no limit tournament event, 483 people registered to play.   >It was this event after winning first place he earned the respect of other players and was given his name “Mr. Pro Player,” since then Wade holds 3 titles. Many of the players on the circuit today says he lives up to his name.

Wade knows what it’s like to struggle and he’s aware of the challenges we face in every day life most all the word determination, Wade is determined to reach his goals and in everyday life. Today he has a crew of 7 people that work behind the scenes to help keep his dream alive without these 7 people Mr. Pro-players game would not be as great as it is. Wade would like for everyone to understand that without Jesus Christ you have nothing, but with him you have all you need, he’s the greatest tour guide Wade has ever known and today he could easily become your tour guide.